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Other Vinegar Recipes 
 Recipes for Umeboshi and Yuzu Vinegar 

Ryuin "Yuuki" Ume Vinegar - The ume plums from Ryujin village are very special. Gathered in remote mountain orchards from trees that have never known chemicals, they have a wild quality and are exceptionally flavorful. Traditionally hand-pickled with Shiso leaves and sea salt, the tart red juice drawn from the kegs of pickled plums is prized as a gourmet vinegar. A convenient, zesty seasoning, Mitoku Ryujin Umeboshi Vinegar adds refreshing flavor and goodness to many foods. Use it to add extra liveliness to salad dressings, cooked vegetables, homemade quick pickles, tofu dips and spreads.

Mitoku Traditional Umeboshi Vinegar is a delicious, tart-salty seasoning drawn from kegs of traditional pickled Japanese plums (umeboshi), with shiso leaves added to impart their vivid red color. A versatile, zesty seasoning, Mitoku Traditional Umeboshi Vinegar adds refreshing flavor and goodness to many foods. Use it to liven up salad dressings, cooked vegetables (especially cabbage and cauliflower), tangy greens, corn-on-the cob, etc.

Mitoku Yuzu Vinegar is made by the famous Komatsu Yuzusui Company in very small batches using only the finest "yuuki" grown Yuzu, a rare Japanese citron juice. Wonderful as an addition to salad dressing, or used to make home-made ponzu or sudachi sauces. Also perfect in cooking Yudofu (simmered tofu), a satisfying cold weather dish or added to miso to make a refreshing yubeshi tasting miso. High in Vit. C.

Mitoku Ponzu Sauce is a harmonious blend of sweet, sour, and savory flavors that has long been a favorite Japanese table seasoning. It's most popular use is as a tangy dipping sauce for yudofu. Ponzu may also be mixed with a little toasted or hot & spicy sesame oil for a classic Asian dressing. Use it to add flavor to steamed greens, vegetable salads or other light noodles such as somen or bifun.

Mitoku Sweet Brown Rice Vinegar is a wonderfully refreshing seasoning carefully made in the traditional way using pure water and naturally cultured whole grain sweet brown rice. It is made in rural Wakayama, a province noted for its mild, temperate climate and abundance of pure, fresh water springs. Natural aging over six months mellows the flavor and bouquet of this unique vinegar. The result is a smooth, piquant, slightly sweet taste, with none of the harshness associated with commercial vinegar. Mitoku Sweet Brown Rice Vinegar provides a stimulating contrast of flavor that brings almost any food to life. Besides being a natural in salad dressings, pickling mixtures and marinades, it can also perk up fish and vegetable dishes, sushi rice, sauces, dips, spreads and entrees. Enjoy!

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